Who is Carrie Hopkins?

My name is Carrie Hopkins. I was born in Wichita, Kansas, and I now live in the peaceful desert of Arizona, where I run my coaching business from.  

My life and work focus on helping men and women take absolute ownership of their power to create their best life while they're going through some of the most challenging times.

It is easy in this world to let life live us rather than leading and living the life of our dreams.

Then inevitably, something happens that helps us wake up.

Someone close to us leaves, we move out of a marriage that isn't working for us, a loved one passes away, or we go through some other life-changing event that feels overwhelming and difficult.

These events change everything we think about life in an instant. And they affect the way we move through the world profoundly.

One distinction that will make the difference between whether these events derail your career and family or help you live your best life is whether you have help developing your resilience and spirit.

That is my work in the world.